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Landustrie is specialised in engineering, producing and installing all kinds of equipment for sewage and waste water treatment plants, as well as for aerobic biological and physic chemical purification plants. Furthermore Landustrie is able to handle turn-key projects. We use a world-wide agent network to market our main export products, such as :

Landy Archimedean screw pumps:
With a fully automated screw pump selection program the optimum screw pump can be choosen for any particular application. Newest developments are fish friendly screw pumps and hydropower screw turbines.

Landustrie aeration systems:

Landy-7 high efficiency aerator
Especially for smaller and medium sized aeration basins Landustrie has developed the Landy-7 aerator, which is suitable for industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants. The Landy-7 aerator can be executed as a fixed as well as a floating unit. The Landy-7 aerator shows low investment and maintenance costs and a considerable high efficiency over the aerator lifetime.

Landy aeration rotors
For simple and efficient aeration in municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants Landustrie supplies two standard aeration rotors with aeration capacities up to 80 kgO2/h.

Landox channel aeration system
The Landox channel aeration system is based on the well known principle of an oxidation ditch in which both fine bubble aeration and propulsion of the mixed liquor can be independently controlled. Propulsion is effected by one or more low speed vertical Landox drums, positioned in de bends of the aeration circuit.

Sewage pumps
Extensive know-how and experience enables us to supply and select the right pump for any application, for handling wastewater or for polder drainage.  A new range of wastewater and mixing pumps is introduced in 2012. This new range is completely exchangeable with the former Robot pumps and spare parts. All our pumps, including Vortex and wear resistant type, can be supplied explosion proof.

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Landustrie Sneek BV