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LIBITCO B.V. is a procurement and export company, specialised in supplying materials, equipment and spare parts used in the construction and maintenance of oil en gas facilities, electricity plants, shipyards, mining operations and other forms of heavy industry.

We specialize in supplying complete packages of materials from different manufacturers and ship to end-users as well as contractors.
Next to "general procurement", Libitco represents several first class European and American manufacturers (For specific countries).
We arrange for sturdy packing, correct documentation (legalised at your Embassy if required) and arrange for transport by air, road or sea.

Our scope of supply includes – but is not limited to -:

GRE & GRE Pipes and fittings                            Rockwool insulation (fire safe)
Steel pipes & Fittings                                         Polyurethane insulation
Valves, actuators & accessories                         Cladding + fastening materials
Pipeline equipment                                             Flow metering equipment & Provers
Electrical Equipment                                          Liquid & Air cooled heat exchangers
Instrumentation                                                  Filters & Strainers
Protective & Marine coating systems                   Air filters
Specialty coatings (extreme chemical resistant)   Skid mounted packages
Intumescent coatings (fire retarding)                     Prefabricated pipe spools
Abrasives / blasting grit                                      General equipment & spare parts

For additional information, please visit:

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