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East-West Seed is the market leader for tropical vegetable seeds in Asia. Established in 1982, the company was built on the idea of blending European seed technology with Asian tropical vegetable farming, taking advantage of modern plant breeding to develop local vegetable varieties that suit local growing conditions and market preferences.

Over the last three decades, the company has developed its business through strong R&D capabilities combined with a carefully cultivated and nurtured relationship with local farmers wherever it operates. As an integrated seed company, it develops, produces and markets hybrid and open-pollinated tropical vegetable seeds, which are processed through high standards of seed processing, seed treatment, seed coating, and seed priming. The seeds are produced preferably locally wherever the company operates.


East-West Seed has revolutionized Southeast Asia’s vegetable seed market by improving local vegetable varieties and developing high-quality seeds with superior genetics and outstanding characteristics. The strength of East-West Seed’s innovation is the cornerstone of its success and its distinctive core competence. The company has continuously developed new superior plant varieties with high productivity and yield, better disease resistance, early fruiting, uniformity, adaptability, and excellent quality. The introduction of these superb plant varieties has improved the lives of millions of resource-poor farmers in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

East-West Seed promotes the adoption of improved seed varieties, combined with better farm management, as the key to increasing the productivity and income of farmers. The company identifies its role in society as improving the lives of farmers and increasing knowledge in plant breeding and cultivation. Farmers themselves have proven the advantage of using East-West seeds which are developed and produced for them in their own country, or a country with a similar climate, rather than imported from other countries with a totally different climate, disease risk and consumer preferences. Vegetable growers have come to recognize the East-West Seed brand and the two red arrows in its logo as an assurance of quality and yield.

East-West Seed holds leading market positions in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. It has also expanded its business activities in India, Vietnam, China, Latin and South America, and Africa. East-West seeds are planted in the fields of 30 million farmers worldwide. The company is based in Asia with over 3,000 employees and 12 R&D stations in 7 countries.

In Africa, Distributors are nominated and sales are starting up in 17 countries. Production and research is going on in Tanzania.

Contact details:

East-West International B.V.
Heiligeweg 12
1601 PN Enkhuizen
The Netherlands

T +31 (0228) 323 820

F +31 (0228) 323 900


Regional Head Office:
East-West Seed ROH Ltd.
No. 50/1 Moo 2, Sainoi-Bang Bua Thong Rd., Amphur Sainoi
Nonthaburi 11150
Thailand ?

T +66 (02) 831 7700 ?
F +66 (02) 923 7794

David Kinyanjui Wainaina
Business Development Manager - Africa

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East-west International BV