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Bredenoord provides solutions to any power requirement. Wherever and whenever you need them. 

With our customized solutions you always have a generator that fits your specific user requirements and application. To achieve the desired result, our departments work closely together, so you can count on a specialized team. As a result, we always find the right solution. From a silent or super-silent generator or a highly robust power system for heavy-duty machines, to a specific power system for mobile workplaces.

Thanks to our intensive trading activities, we always have a wide range of generators, engines and accessories. Both our own brand products and those of other new and used generators.

For complex problems or long-term collaboration, you can choose to go into intensive partnership with us. Here we aim for the ultimate power solution for your situation with a guarantee of absolute certainty. To achieve this we form a specialized team that works closely with your organization. The result for example, is a power guarantee with advice, project management and the configuration of a complete power system. We can also develop specific training for you as a client so that you have all the necessary expertise and skills in house.

Managing energy responsibly and thereby also saving costs. Bredenoord supports this with it’s Clear Concept products. A Series of innovative, sustainable and efficient mobile power systems.

For example; Bredenoord has developed a new power plant for off-grid solar-based systems, resulting in significant fuel savings. The Off-grid solar-based power plant  links a solar installation to a generator that, as a result of a smart tuning mechanism, uses as much solar energy as possible for the end user.

Through the combination of solar energy and a generator, a much more efficient operation is guaranteed and fuel savings are high. This product is primarily intended for sites outside Europe where there is a high demand for autonomous, reliable ‘power plants’.

With a motto like ‘We power your reliability’ it is logical that Bredenoord is always working on tomorrows energy. We are supporting our clients with reliable mobile power, even if prices of fossil fuels rise and environmental regulations become more stringent. Clear concept based upon intelligent development and innovative solutions both in-house and with partners.  

In Clear Concept we work on the improvement and innovation of power systems on the basis of three factors:

  • New technology
  • Alternative fuels
  • Reduction of emission

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Bredenoord Aggregaten
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