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Since 2006, EMSA Emerging Markets Africa is a consultancy firm that assists companies with establishing and developing business in Africa’s emerging economies. Driven by our ambition to make a positive impact, we provide tailor-made advice with regard to strategy and business development, project and business implementation and acquisition of financing.

Our team has carried out assignments in over twenty African countries. Our clients range from multinational to small and medium enterprises, both in- and outside Africa. We have experience in servicing various industries, including agribusiness, construction and real estate, health, energy and water, ICT, knowledge and education, production and manufacturing, services, and transport and logistics.

Our interventions have helped African private businesses increase their competitiveness. We have facilitated over 25 cross-border joint ventures. Private venture projects, where EMSA was involved, delivered a total investment above €25 million and generated more than 1,000 jobs. Our added value lies in our ability to help clients solve challenging and complex issues in a creative and flexible manner.

EMSA assists companies in all stages and aspects of their strategy and business development.

  • Country and location selection
  • Product portfolios and product-market combinations
  • Market entry strategies and revenue models
  • Market and feasibility studies and value chain analyses
  • Corporate social responsibility

EMSA provides proper guidance in all stages of the implementation of projects and business strategies.

  • Partner search and matchmaking
  • Institutionalisation and legal framework
  • Taxation and import duties
  • Bureaucracy and corruption
  • Dispute resolution and mediation

EMSA helps clients acquire financing for corporate and project development and solve their financial issues.

  • Public funding programmes incl. Private Sector Investment (PSI)
  • Financial institutions, private equity houses and investment funds

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Den Haag, Netherlands
Business Services