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Heavy Marine Transport

Dockwise is the global market leader in the ocean transportation of extremely large and heavy structures such as offshore drilling rigs, jackets, production facilities, modules for onshore industrial projects, military equipment, renewable energy platforms, port and marine equipment, e.g., dredging equipment, lift boats, cranes, barges, vessels, and other heavy floating and non-floating cargoes.

Offshore Transport & Installation

Dockwise offers a total marine scope for offshore platform installations supported by its in-house engineering, procurement and dedicated project management capabilities. This scope includes load-out from fabrication site, transport to the field, launching, and installation of jackets and topsides.

Logistical Management

Offering turn-key logistical management solutions to the onshore industry, Dockwise is able to manage multiple heavy transports in a single contract. Our specialized fleet combined with in-house capabilities such as project management, procurement, land transportation and robust interface management enables us to improve total scope efficiency and reduce interface risks resulting in significant schedule optimization and project savings for our clients.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services is a multidisciplinary engineering excellence center offering an optimal balance of innovation and proven offshore industry experience incorporating unparalleled services in engineering, operations and project management. Engineering Services specializes in deepwater fixed structures, floating system design and offshore installation for projects demanding structural, marine and offshore engineering services.

Offshore Installation Equipment

Offshore Kinematics is the World’s innovative leader in the development and supply of float-over installation systems. We manufacture Leg Mating Units, Dock Support Units and specialty Impact Load Damping equipment. In addition, we conduct comprehensive finite element analysis and physical testing on all products and components delivered to customers. We deliver customized design and construction expertise from Concept Development and Front-end

Engineering & Design (FEED) through offshore installation services.

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Transport & Logistics