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De Vonk/Hofstede Insights

Hofstede Insights (HI) and its Associate Partners provide training and consultancy in the fields of
intercultural management and organizational culture. We deliver solutions to optimise international
teamwork, to improve global cooperation and to find the right balance between standardisation and

Hofstede Insights was originally established under the name ‘itim International’ in 1985, supported
by one of the pioneers in the field of culture and management, Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede. Today, the
dimensions of Hofstede are used throughout the world and HI is still the recommended commercial
partner of Prof. Hofstede, with our Head Quarters in Helsinki and with local Associate Partners to be
found in more than 30 countries around the world. All the partners have personally experienced the
impact of culture on working life, as expatriate, as a manager and/or as CEO.

De Vonk is one of the Associate Partners and the consultancy of Alette Vonk.  Alette holds a Master
of Development Sociology of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, which is her home country.
She has worked in the development business in West Africa for ten years (Cameroon, Benin and
Ghana). She has plus twenty-five years of experience with organizational change in the Netherlands
as well as in West Africa. Apart from the training and consultancy in the field of Intercultural
Management, she’s currently also a part time lecturer at the University of Leiden in this same field.

What sets HI apart from other service providers in the field of culture is that we enable our clients to
go beyond cultural awareness. We assist our clients in making culture tangible and therefore usable
from a management perspective. Complex questions around performance and organization; around
HR, leadership or decision making; around external relations at borders and harbours or with
potential clients; all these questions get better answers if differences can be taken along in strategic
planning processes.

The Hofstede model is excellent in explaining cultural differences. The model is empirically well
substantiated, compact and accessible, yet convincingly able to explain a complex world. If not taken
care of, these differences often lead to mismatches, misunderstanding, sometimes to a complete
breakdown of communication and collaboration.

Our mission is to enable our clients to use culture as a strategic asset. As more people work in
various contexts and while Africa becomes the next emerging market, the impact of culture becomes
ever more important. Our niche expertise and our sophisticated range of services and products will
enable our clients to transform culture from a hindering factor into an enabling factor, creating the
necessary competitive edge.


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De Vonk/Hofstede Insights
Leiden, Netherlands
Business Services