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Our clients, people and drive for quality are the basis from which we deliver a powerful corporate and finance practice, a centre of excellence in dispute resolution and risk management, and an unparalleled team of regulatory experts.

We are at our best when matters are multidisciplinary in scope, with cross-border ramifications and when reputations are at risk. This is why we encourage our lawyers to combine in-depth legal expertise with the ability to collaborate with other experts across all relevant legal and non-legal disciplines.

We see our clients’ challenges with clarity and in their full legal and commercial context, wherever they operate. We advise them from our offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, Brussels, London, New York, Singapore and Shanghai on all matters important to them. We also concentrate on other areas, especially Brazil, Indonesia and several African countries. 

We have been investing in building our capabilities and network in Africa in recent years. This fits with our clients' increasing activities and interest in the continent at large and our ambition to stand beside our clients in their international matters. 

Our Africa team ensures that our clients receive the best and most effective service and legal advice, with local counsel's assistance as needed. Our approach ranges from full-fledged project management where we act as legal counsel to a referral to local law firms. We have no fixed networks and can select the right local law firm (and where necessary, the right person) in terms of quality, required expertise and network.

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De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Business Services