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"Firma Schaap, Exporters of Cattle for over 125 years!" 

About a 100 years after this start during the seventies of the last century the third and fourth generation of the family Schaap -at that time forming the management of Firma Schaap realized that more could be done to improve the profitability of the fine genetic material they had exported. There was a wealth of practical knowledge and scientific research available in the Netherlands -yet unexploited in the rest of the world- which could be used to improve the results of the black and white milking cows, also outside their countries of origin. Further there were a lot of companies who had created new forms of keeping the herds, feeding them and taking care of their wellbeing. Also those products could be used to the advantage of the milking cows' results in their new countries of residence. From this some sister companies resulted: currently well known as Schaap Dairies (stables, equipment, turn-key projects for milk-processing also) and FARMCO (Friesian Agricultural Recruitment and Management Consultants). The latter being able to do feasibility-studies, planning, project-management, consulting and delivering staffing or training as well. We work also intensively with the Dutch government, Wageningen Agriculture University and international technical and financial organisations, bankers and funds as well as with many companies all over the world. To make sure we can provide you with the best integrated package fitting to your specific needs.

Of course Schaap can deliver not only fully grown milking cows but also high-quality genetics in the form of embryo's and semen. Closely cooperating within its own daughter company EuroPon with Alta Genetics (top-quality Holstein Frisian genes mainly from an USA and Canadian origin) and K.I. Kampen (a Dutch based cooperative farmers association for artificial insemination).

All these formally separated companies - each with their own fully qualified staff with many years of experience and qualifications in their respective fields - work tightly integrated from the same building in Dronrijp, Friesland, the Netherlands. Thus ensuring that you - as a customer of any of these companies - can pick a tailored total-package of products and services from these individual experts. Which gives you as a customer the best results in your own situation.

If you find that an interesting thought, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this and find out what we can do for you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Schaap Agro Holland 

Nammen H. Schaap

- managing director -

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Firma Schaap