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Security Risk Management is less abstract than it may seem. Expat Preventive provides you with hands-on advice and helps you to establish an effective security and emergency plan. With an adequate risk assessment and risk analysis, safety procedures and plans you are already halfway.
We do not offer you a blueprint, but we do give ideas and insights. We combine our practical knowledge with your company experience to set up your safety procedures together. Tailor-made, so they fit your organisation’s needs and any plans or procedures you already have developed. You decide how you wish to establish your security plan and safety protocols, we facilitate and advise about working and travelling safely abroad.

Adequate Security Risk Management is a continuous process. It is all about assessment, development, implementation and maintenance. And of course about training and testing your emergency plans. Not once, but on a regular basis, because the world is changing regularly. We can help you there as well. So that if an emergency happens, you will have insight, stay calm and be able to avoid panic.

What you may expect from us:
• Professional, security training courses, based on best practices and tailored to the needs of expats and business travelers. Employees will be well prepared for their jobs, anywhere in the world. 
• Strategic partnership for business management teams to design and improve international security processes. Control and continuity in operational management in case of incidents happening abroad. 

• Additional security services, including ransom insurance, Track & Trace via mobile phone, emergency response and after-care in case of incidents.

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Expat Preventive