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These are the driving forces supporting the success of Jan De Nul Group. Thanks to our committed employees and tailored solutions, the Group is the current market leader in dredging and marine works as well as a specialised provider of services for the offshore market of oil, gas and renewables. The Group is also a major player in civil engineering, environmental and brownfield development projects. The professional and innovative solutions of Jan De Nul Group are trusted across the industry. Whether it concerns the construction of new locks in the Panama Canal, the installation of offshore wind turbines or the redevelopment of contaminated industrial sites, together with its clients Jan De Nul Group builds for future economic development.


The company owes its current leading position to its vision and courage. Courage of the founder, Jan De Nul, who developed the company from a smallscale contractor to a genuine dredging company. Also the courage of the next generation, which has given the Group its current enviable reputation throughout the five continents. Jan De Nul started as a civil works contractor. Anticipating the market opportunities of that time, the De Nul family took on its first dredging contract in 1951. This was followed by securing the first international dredging project and the rest is history. Over the years, Jan De Nul Group grew to become a global market leader within the dredging industry. The Group would never have reached this position if it did not have had the courage and vision to continue investing in new equipment, a new dredging fleet, new employees and new activities. Over the years, Jan De Nul Group invested in expanding its expertise, always looking for new interdisciplinary synergies. Jan De Nul Group is and has always been a versatile company. As such, it is a company that is ready for the future.  


Jan De Nul Group is the owner of the world’s most modern and most diverse dredging fleet. This is the result of its policy to invest continuously in its own equipment. The new vessels and their state-of-theart on-board technology have been designed by the internal design and engineering department. Also, Jan De Nul Group manufactures in its own workshops and supplies the specialist dredging equipment to the  shipyard, this is unequalled within the dredging industry. Jan De Nul Group’s fleet includes some of the world’s most powerful dredgers and multi-purpose installation vessels: J.F.J. De Nul, the most powerful cutter suction dredger, sister vessels Cristóbal Colón and Leiv Eiriksson, the largest trailing suction hopper dredgers with a hopper capacity of 46,000 m³, sister vessels Simon Stevin and Joseph Plateau, the largest rock installation vessels, and Isaac Newton, the most high-tech cable-laying vessel that is currently available on the market.


As an ambitious global company, Jan De Nul Group realises that it owes its market leader position above all to the qualitative and safe execution of projects, its efforts in the field of safety and environmental protection and the motivation of its personnel. The main capital of a company consists of the people working within it. Their wellbeing and safety have absolute priority. To this purpose, Jan De Nul Group has implemented its Imagine-Think-Actprogramme, or in short ITA, to raise safety awareness among its employees. ITA is a working system helping everyone to think about the risks and possibilities as well as a clear plan of action before acting.

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D&C Rotterdam BV
Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands
Marine & Offshore