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Djazagro: The Crossroads of Food Industries

Published on: 25-Jan-2018

The 16th edition of DJAZAGRO will take place at SAFEX Exhibition Park on the 9th – 12th April in Algiers, Algeria. The 4-day exhibition has grown into the annual meeting location for over 20,000 professional visitors in the Agri-food sector, including 700 exhibitors from 32 different countries. NABC had the opportunity to speak with Jean Butler, the Dutch representative aiming to attract native interest in one of the largest trades shows Africa has to offer.


“There’s a high interest in the Algerian market, but it’s a very new market. The Netherlands isn’t fully aware of the opportunities so they’re a little reluctant. It’s my job to get them to be familiar with the market.”

With the food industry being the largest sector after Oil in Algeria, it’s no surprise such an event has enforced international attention. While 92% of visitors come from Algeria, an increasing 8% represent those near and far. Of the 20,000+ visitors: 51% hail from the Agri-food industry, 17% from services & education, 14% are private distributors and 8% are importers/ exporters. Djazagro will also be a platform where specialists so diverse and rich in expertise can showcase their products within the following sectors: Process & Conditioning, Bakery-Pastry, Food Products & Beverages, Ingredients, and Food Services/ Catering.


In regards to the benefits of attending the Djazagro trade show, Mr. Butler states: “Since there are import restrictions, they are very dependent on local production. There’s a high demand of equipment, ingredients, know-how, and partnerships – that’s why a lot of companies come to this show, because they know that the Algerian markets are in need of their products.” He continues, “there’s an import restriction even on finished products. The Algerians want to process and make their own products, but there is a lack of processing machines. That is why, for instance, Dutch companies that are manufacturers go there, because they know there is high demand”. 


Mr. Butler has been working on the Djazagro trade show since 2015, through a company known as Promosalons – a French organization based in the Netherlands with a goal to find Dutch companies to exhibit on French trade shows. “Since being involved with the show’s acquisition, we continually see Dutch presence is growing.”

Four Dutch exhibitors were present at the trade show in 2015, with 6 in 2016 and 7 in last year’s edition. “We’re hoping to get more this year” states Mr. Butler. “Together with NABC, we’re trying to get the Dutch embassy in Algeria to organize a Dutch pavilion in 2019, making it easier for companies to come and exhibit in the show. Being part of a collective is less carry than when you go alone as a direct exhibitor; you can rely on each other and also have the support of the embassy, and the NABC of course.”

For those targeting the food industry, Mr. Butler, along with the NABC, invite you to come benefit from an international global offer. Be there, among the leading companies of the sector, and reinforce your image in a strong growth-potential market. See you in Algiers!

Click the following link to connect with Djazagro's agent in the Netherlands!

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