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Lake Kivu's biogas generates power

Published on: 07-Jul-2016

Rwanda is turning the methane gas that bubbles up from the lake bed into a lifeline by generating electricity to help businesses expand and light up a nation with a chronic power shortage.

Rwanda's KivuWatt plant, which started in May, is part of a network of projects aimed at providing 70 percent of the 11 million population with power from the grid or off-grid by 2018, up from 25 percent now. Much will come from renewable resources.

Rwanda, one of Africa's poorest nations but also among its fastest growing, is harnessing its limited solar, peat and hydro resources to curb the landlocked country's fuel import bill while keeping power flowing to spur on industry and create jobs.

Lake Kivu's methane has now been added to the list of its emerging resources, formed from biogas created by decomposing matter on the bed of the lake that is trapped by a layer of mineral-rich water flowing off nearby volcanic soil.

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