Before Joining the NABC, Ivo van der Lee completed the master “Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management” at Wageningen University & Research. He then moved to Ethiopia to work as Aquaculture Manager at the first commercial fish farm of the country: ASA Ethiopia. At NABC, Ivo has organised several trade mission that brought Dutch companies closer to the African market. Furthermore, he is involved in several studies and projects that aim to bring quality improvement to the African agriculture sector. 

Ivo has a broad interest in the agriculture sector. However, his main interest is in the livestock sector. His ambition for the coming years is to use his interest and expertise in livestock to set up new projects that focus on quality improvement. 

Ivo van der Lee is NABC’s first point of contact for questions relating to Mozambique.  

Ivo van der Lee

Position: AgriBusiness Project Officer

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