In 2012 Daphne finished the Master International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. During that Master Daphne performed a research on the economic development of entrepreneurs in Ghana. This research opened her eyes for the continents flourishing entrepreneurship. After her research in Ghana, she explored the possibilities for setting up income generating activities among internally displaced people in Georgia. The interviews with refugees in the settlements and with the active NGOs in that region were inspiring for her to stay committed to support entrepreneurship. Obviously there is a direct link between her research and NABC concerning the support for entrepreneurs in developing countries. 

At the NABC, Daphne is mainly focussing on the agricultural programmes. These are the Dutch Dairy Development Partners and the Holland – Africa Poultry Partners. Next to that, the coordination of several trade missions within the AgriBusiness Support Facility in Ethiopia is also part of her responsibilities.


Daphne Meijer-Willems

Position: Programme Manager

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